• How to use?
    Before using this product, please read the instructions and precautions. Wash and clean your hands and target area hygienic before use. Recommended to lie down when using at the intimate area.
      1. Wash and keep clean before use. Apply 1ml to the target area once or twice a day.
      2. Remove the stopper from the device, slide the beak into the vagina
      3. Gently push to inject essence deep into the vagina
      4. It is recommended to use before bedtime and keep in a lying-down position so that essence does not flow outwards and is sufficiently absorbed.
      5. No need to wash off after application.
    1. Consult with a specialist if you have abnormal symptoms such as red spots, swelling or itching on the use area.
    2. This product is specifically designed for women to heal their intimate health, suited for those aged 18 years or older.
    3. It is gentle enough to be used as atopic skin applications for skin healing such as sunburn, rashes, or itch for 3 years old and above.
    4. Used as prescribed dosage.
    5. Each dose is meant for one-time usage, do not keep leftover after application due to hygiene purposes.
    Precaution for storage:
    1. Store in cool and dry places, avoid exposure to sunlight or heat.
    2. Use as soon as the security cap is removed from the device.
    Good to know: A natural cell-to-cell immunity modulator. Prolonged use will result in a substantial and continuous improvement in your well-being and improved feminine immunity.
    Treatment phase: For the first and second boxes, use once each night on non-menstruation days to experience a significant improvement. Maintenance phase: We recommend 2 times (on different days) of 1ml dose per week.
  • How soon can I see results?

    Results vary from one individual to another. However, we pride ourselves on resolving common vaginitis
    within the first 6 – 12 hours. Our users normally claim to experience significant changes in their energy
    levels, skin conditions, uterus and vaginal health and intimate satisfaction after using 1 to 3 boxes of Secret99.

  • Are there any side effects?

    There are no side effects at all. Our proprietary blend of bioactive peptides and ingredients in Secret99 is safe-to-use. In the rare event that you develop redness or rashes, kindly cease usage and consult your
    doctor immediately.

  • Can I use to boost my uterine health and fertility?
    Yes. We highly recommend using it to improve the immune system and your uterine health. Our product also helps resolve female infertility caused by hormonal issues such as PCOS, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), unhealthy level of mucus, changes in acidity level in the vagina or weakened immune systems of the vagina.
  • Is it safe for use during pregnancy or postpartum (breastfeeding period)?
    We do not recommend usage during pregnancy as your uterine is constantly delivering its nutrients to the baby during pregnancy. No additional nutrients or supplements are needed during this period. However, we highly recommend the usage of Secret99 during your post-pregnancy. The idea is to strengthen and restore pelvic muscles, loosened vaginal muscles and uterine incontinence due to childbirth. CTX peptides are safe for human consumption and are a common supplement prescribed at TCM clinics in Korea. Please consult your doctor for further details.
  • 注意事项
    • 如果使用部位出现红斑、肿胀或瘙痒等异常症状,请咨询专家。 • 本产品专为女性私密健康护理而设,适合18岁及以上人士使用。 • 它性质温和,可用于3岁以上的皮肤愈合应用,例如晒伤、皮疹或瘙痒等。请按规定剂量使用。 • 每一剂都是一次性使用,出于卫生目的,不要在使用后留下残留物。
  • Why does it work better than supplements?

    The keyword is ‘mucosal absorption’. Our patented peptides are inserted into vagina for mucosal absorptions. It is proven more effective and efficient to resolve multiple vaginal and uterus area issues, compared to oral supplement.

    Vaginal mucosal absorptions are clinically proven to be an effective and efficient pathway of delivery. The rectal and vaginal routes belong to the transmucosal routes of drug delivery and thus offer the advantage of bypassing the first-pass metabolism (oral consumptions through the digestive system) for efficient absorption into blood-stream and offers the advantages of the direct targeted solution, (in our case, atopic application into Y-zone area for uterus and vagina) in several studies into the treatment of vaginal infections and local treatment of menopausal symptoms.

    In a clinical trial, female volunteers demonstrated a greater immune response from a vaginal gel containing cholera vaccine than an orally administered cholera vaccine. It was concluded that immunity can be achieved via intravaginal vaccination. Another study for vaginal mucosa delivery treatment showed a reduction in the recurrence of Escherichia coli urinary tract infections in women.

  • Is It Safe For Use During Postpartum (Breastfeeding Period)?
    Secret 99 is safe to use for breastfeeding moms. It is great to use Secret 99 for your post-partum restoration and strengthening of your pelvic muscle, Y-zone and to strengthen and repair your vaginal muscle. Secret 99 will help prevent urinary incontinence due to childbirth. You may consult your doctor for further explanation.
  • Is It Safe For Use During Pregnancy?
    Secret 99 is safe to use for all. However, you do not need Secret 99 during pregnancy.