about Medibeu Inc

Medibeu Inc. is dedicated to delivering high-grade, premium beauty and wellness products that combine the power of nature with science, dedicated to your rejuvenation and health.

Our focus on only using the finest ingredients backed by years of research has led to consistent, reliable results. Every one of our products is scientifically proven and tested for safety and effectiveness before being made available to customers, delivering ultimate wellness and quality of life.

If you have any questions about our product, we welcome you to engage with our dedicated health experts for 15-minute personalized wellness and product suitability consultation.

In the scientific method, we trust.

About VENOBEUⓇ & Our Patents

Patent holder and creator of VENOBEUⓇ, Dr. Young Hoon Choi with over 10 years of research in the field of venom application to modern medicine. He has published several of his successful discoveries in the cultivation and segregation of purified peptide compound extracted from snake venom for medicinal application in preventable diseases, immunity and internal healing. Applying his successful technique of cultivation of venom through breakthrough technology into VENOBEUⓇ, our product is second to none, delivering nature’s medicinal gift through science.


Your Safety & Wellbeing Is Our Priority

Highest level of research with unique patent technology

  • 10 years of Research & Development on Snake Venom Peptides Therapeutics
  • World’s First to safely registered snake venom peptide as cosmetic ingredient in INCD
  • Patent application for the manufacture of immune cell culture fluid composition
  • Patent application for cosmetic ingredients using bio-dock peptide
  • Korea FDA approved
  • ISO 9001 acquisition
  • ISO 14001 acquisition
  • Acquired ISO 22716 as a standard for superior management in the cosmetics manufacturing industry