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VENOBEUⓇ & Certification

With over 10 years of research and development on safe extraction, bio-available purified snake venom, our cutting-edge patented medicinal technology has paid off as we mastered the techniques of segregating snake’s poisonous venom from its beneficial substances with meticulous precision. Today, purified snake venom peptides are widely used in various TCM clinics and hospitals in Korea to cure preventable diseases and enhance the quality of life of many.

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  • 10 years of research & development on snake venom peptides for beauty and therapeutics
  • World’s first registered snake venom peptides in INCD (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) cosmetic ingredient (INCI: *038*)
  • Patent application for manufacturing of immune cell culture fluid composition
  • Patent application for cosmetic ingredients using bio-dock peptides
  • Approved by Korea FDA
  • Achieved ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO22716 for superior management
  • SGS Tested (view here)
Patented Purified Snake Peptide Technogy
Internationally registered and recognised, 100% safe.
Patented Extraction & Purification of Venom Peptides

KFDA Approved


Patented Technology

Stem-cell Derived

10 Years R&D Made in Korea

100% Safe


CTX Peptides

Elements within snake venom, namely Cobrotoxin (CTX Peptides), once separated from its venomous properties, consist of purified bio-natural peptides delivers the goodie in wellness.

Purified bio-natural peptides component from Cobrotoxin (CTX) is a ligand-gated ion channels binding sites with high specificity and high affinity with human α7-nAChR receptors allowing influx of neurotransmitter to navigate Na£ channel of damaged or dysfunctional nervous systems, regulate cytokines and ultimately repair and normalise their function.

Rich sources of peptides, neurotransmitters repair and immunity and your ultimate well-being.
How do we extract the snake venom peptides safely?

Removal of the snake venom’s toxicity can be done by exposing it to heat while retaining its immunogenicity. With the help of our patented technology, we are able to formulate a proprietary blend of Purified Complex Snake Venom Peptides, leading to the success and rich therapeutics value of VENOBEU®.