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Your secret anti-ageing and youth elixir To Rejuvenation

Reverse ageing and stay youthful with SECRET99 REJUVENATION SYSTEM, a cell-to-cell modulator and neurotransmitter for self-repair and rejuvenation to unleash your beauty from within. Resolve, for good, a variety of feminine intimate issues like V dryness, odor & irritation. Achieve younger beautiful skin elasticity, intimate muscle tightening, hormonal balance and resolve peri and menopausal symptoms without side effects or invasive procedure.

This is a game-changer for women who have had to deal with recurring bacterial infections. Eliminate odor, discharge and protect against bacterial infections with Secret 99 Rejuvenation System. The plant-derived Phyto-NEP, ‘Ku Shen Extracts’ and Lactobacillus Ferment has shown great efficacy in relieving inflammation and maintaining a healthy pH level in our intimate area.


Research shows that this product can eliminate and cure of vaginal infection in just 1 week while deeply hydrating your skin, regenerating vaginal mucosa, tightening tissue around specific areas. There’s no need to worry because it works on all kinds of symptoms like V dryness, odor, discharge and irritation in the intimate area without causing any side effects.Deeply Hydrates and Regenerate Vaginal Mucous: Eliminating & Cure of Bacterial Infection 



Our proprietary blend of bioavailable plant extracts, polypeptides and patented bio-natural CTX peptides is an effective and intelligent cell-to-cell modulator that helps boost immunity and rejuvenation on a cellular level and neurotransmitter level.


Secret 99’s immunity and cytokine regulating function restores hormonal balance and significantly improves quality of life. It helps you maintain youthful health and improve your quality of life by reducing the risks of getting severe menopausal symptoms and uncontrollable weight gain.

The uterus is the strongest muscle in our body yet the most neglected. A healthy uterus is important for our overall health, fertility and longevity. Our blend with rich sources of polypeptides regulate cell to restore healthy Y-zone and immunity, delivering youthful quality of life.

Strengthen Y Zone Health and Immunity

Secret99’s patented bio-natural CTX peptides are essential in repairing neuron signals and enhancing sensitivity, leading to sensually stimulating intimate moments. 

The super permeable growth factors in Secret 99 are effective in enhancing various cellular physiological functions due to its richness in collagen, fibronectin, elastin and keratin, helping you regain youthfulness and achieve anti-ageing effects. 

youth rejuvenate

Resolve urine incontinence and protect your intimate parts from the effects of aging and childbirth with increased collagen and mucosa production.

A super youth modulator, CTX peptides and disintegrins is a highly effective cytokine regulator for overall immunity. It works by preventing the abnormal immune system responses from attacking healthy tissues as well as repairing damaged or weakened tissue and also repairing damaged pelvic tissues caused by inflammatory conditions like endometriosis.


Just as the name suggests, Secret 99. Our key component and patented bio-natural CTX peptides, due to its multipotency, immune privilege, and paracrine (cell-to-cell modulating) properties is a super youth rejuvenation cell modulator that works to regulates and restore the hormonal balance that works to significantly improve women y-zone health, thus eliminates suffering of menopausal symptoms at any age which presents a gift of youthful living for Secret 99 user.

Weakened uterus immunity, imbalance hormone, PCOS, stress and non-ideal pH level in the uterus could lead to female infertility. Bioavailable peptides in Secret99 relieve polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and contribute to the metabolic control of reproduction.


Testing institution: KC Skin Clinical Research Center

Test personnel: A total of 20 people

Result: The test conducted on women aged between 31 – 63, reported an increase in moisture content and improvement on their skin after using SECRET99 REJUVENATION SYSTEM

Elements of Nature, Unleashed By Science

A 10 years researched-based proprietary blend of plant extracts, bio-available polypeptides & patented bio-natural peptides technology designed for your ultimate rejuvenation, immunity & well-being.




This plant-derived phytochemical that consists of a fusion of caffeic acid and alpha-neo-endorphin is clinically proven to reduce itchiness, inflammation and prevent allergic reactions. 

This Caffeic acid is a remarkably potent anti-oxidant. clinically proven to have strong anti-cancer, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Interferon substances are known to show great efficacy in suppressing viruses, improving the immune system and preventing antigens from replicating and multiplying.

A skin cell rejuvenator, it stimulates keratinocytes and fibroblasts to promote the synthesis of extracellular substrates (ECMs) such as collagen, fibronectin, and elastin to prevent wrinkles and perform powerful anti-ageing functions, and restore the skin to a healthy state.

IGF-1 is yet another remarkable healing and growth factor that helps collagen, fibronectin, elastin and keratin production, drastically improving skin growth.

It is a powerful cell-to-cell anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle modulator that also helps with healthy hair formation and prevents hair loss. 

This particular polypeptide, also known as EGF, has fast healing skin regeneration and anti-ageing properties. It acts as a catalyst to speed up wound recovery, stimulate skin growth, collagen production and a powerful anti-wrinkle factor.

Our patented anti-ageing technology lies in the cultivation, segregation and purification of propriety bioavailable purified viper venom liquid (INCI:*038*) that consist of CTX peptides and Disintegrins, scientifically proven to be rich in therapeutic values. This reconstituted essence brings multiple benefits such as anti-ageing effect, restoring skin elasticity, boosting overall immune system health and anti-inflammatory effects.

In particular, there are three major properties that make them optimal for enhanced rejuvenation:

  1. The immunoregulatory capacity that helps to eliminate and alleviating abnormal immune responses;

  2. Cell-to-cell communicator that stimulates tissue repair and regeneration; and

  3. Cell-specific modulators that regulate and balance cytokines and immunity production in our body.

In various therapeutics research and development, snake venom peptide is proven to be an essential asset in the medicinal industries due to its multipotency, immune privilege and richness in paracrine (cell-to-cell modulating) properties.


One of the most commonly used components in feminine products. It possesses  natural anti-cancer properties and also contributes to better feminine health and healthy pH level regulation. 

Also known as ‘bitter root Ku Shen’, this extract has been used to treat a multitude of disorders such as liver and skin in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over two thousand years, which may have vasodilatory and antiviral effects. Due to its anti-tumour properties, it is used as alternative medicine in cancer treatment.

Licorice contains potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It is capable of aiding diabetes, reducing the risks of severe menopausal symptoms and helping in weight loss.  

Rich sources of peptides, neurotransmitters repair and immunity and your ultimate well-being.

KFDA Approved


Patented Technology

Stem-cell Derived

10 Years R&D Made in Korea

100% Safe


Unlock The Secret
To Timeless Youth with stemcell derived secretome

Unlock the secret to timeless inner beauty for your uterus with SECRET99 REJUVENATION SYSTEM. True rejuvenation develop by 10 years of R&D in pharma-grade anti-ageing and beauty derived from patented bio-natural peptide & stem cell technology, bringing you beauty that matters


Y-zone Care, Your
Anti-Ageing Secret

Resolve and erase signs of ageing and protect yourself from uterine prolapse. 10 Years of R&D in therapeutics, anti-ageing and beauty, formulated with our unique patented and scientifically proven cell-to-cell modulator and extraction technology gives you proven results you can see

Inner care Yzone care

Hold “Tight” To
Your Youth, BEauty & Vitality

Rejuvenate and restore your intimate parts with SECRET99 REJUVENATION SYSTEM. Regain confidence in your intimate relationship with a healthier you

What Doctor Say
Hear what Dr Nithiyah D Maniam of Health Junction has to say about SECRET99 and how it helps resolve vaginal dryness.
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Improved sensual moments

Skin Elasticity

& Collagen

Mood & Energy

Improvement & Wellbeing

Enhanced Orgasm

Increased pleasure & Sensitivity

Eliminated Recurring Infections

Within 12 hours

Better Intimate Experience

Improved sensual moments

Skin Elasticity

& Collagen

Mood & Energy

Improvement & Wellbeing

Heighten Orgasm

Increases pleasure & Sensitivity

Eliminated Recurring Infections

Within 12 hours
Now available at our exclusive partners

SECRET99 REJUVENATION SYSTEM is now available in partner clinics and Acsen+ Pharmacy nationwide. Enjoy a holistic experience provided by our approved healthcare specialists partners, at your convenience.


it helps to balance my hormone

My husband says my mood is better. I think it helps to balance my hormone. I even lost some tummy weight effortlessly. No diet, just one dose of Secret99 a night.

Jaime Yong

Great sex every night!

Great sex every night and it definitely helps to keep a healthy and happy relationship. I am truly amazed by how effective Secret99 is. I love how easy it is to use and simply love the packaging! Not only that, but I feel so great during sex when my friend taught me to use it daily at night and use it as a love gel during Intimacy. Wow! Love making is up to the next level! I feel younger than ever. The best part is that after the third dose for me there is no more discharge, and it smells great and so clean! I used to feel super shy when my partner wants to kiss my virgina. Also, the fact that he is 17 years younger than me and has strong sex drive, I need something to aid in order to keep up with the sexual activity. Secret99 is a lifesaver! It also helped me with my urine incontinence after childbirth. I feel like I am 20 again as my skin is glowing and supple when all the female inner care issues are gone.

Angela Hou Xi Ya

On my second box

On my second box. This literally save my marriage life and added a little spice ?

Liz Ang

Resolves my vaginitis infection in few hours.

My sex life is back! I thought I’ve lost interest or any urging for sex. Arousal was non-existence and dry. After the sex was worst, I will have an onslaught of infections. After using about 7 doses, something changes for good drastically. I was super sensitive to arousal, moist like I was in my late twenties, and reached orgasm every single time. My husband is thanking Secret99 for the great change.

Kimberley Yong

My vagina is healthy and not lose anymore

I began my rejuvenation treatment with Secret Care after my second childbirth. The second child isn’t the same, I feel I lost 10 years of my life and feel so weak after giving birth although I love my baby so much. After using 2 boxes, I feel great again. I don’t get any more pelvic pain. My vagina is healthy and not lose anymore. I don’t have urine incontinence even when doing a strenuous HIIT workout. I love it! Very much!

Chloe Chee

Highly recommended for all women.

I am a Personal Trainer. It embarrassing to have urine incontinence and uncontrollable flow when I am in a training session with my clients even though I do my Kegels all the time! Secret99 resolves that problem for me and helps me in other areas as well. Highly recommended for all women.

Daphne Lam

The feeling was just delightful and no bad odor at all.

I keep getting reoccurring vaginitis infection it was frustrating. My sister a nurse introduced me to this product. One night, the second day of infection, I decided to use it instead of going to the pharmacy for medication. The next day vaginitis was gone! I didn’t need antibiotics or medication. The feeling was just delightful and no bad odour at all. After 2 months of using, my skin is looking supple and now my sex life is better in my 40’s. I told all my friends about this Secret99.

Kim Lee

No longer afraid of cold weather

I am so happy to discover this product and no longer afraid of cold weather. For many years, I have leg cramps and joint pains, especially in the knee and ankle during winter or cold weather. I’ve seen many different doctors for the pain. My good friend and also my lady doctor recommended I try out this product because my pain is due to pelvic muscle weakening. After 2 weeks of using, I was amazed that I had no pain at all, and I was even more active than usual. Usually, during cold weather, I will be resting in the bed or my living room. I am so happy to discover this product and no longer afraid of cold weather.

Lena Kim

Healthy inside out

After having my child, my intimate part gets infection easily, especially after sex. It affects my relationship with my husband. After using, I never had any more infections. Healthy inside out. Feels good to feel normal again.

Li Li Chen

How Soon Can I See Wonderful Result?
Results within 12 hours​
  • Restore healthy pH balance 
  • Eliminate itchiness and odour
  • Cure bacterial or yeast infection
Better you by Week 2
  • Slightly improve vaginal health
  • Restore hormonal balance
  • Uplift mood and energy
  • Boost uterus immunity
Improvements by Month 2
  • Experience improved intimate moments
  • Tighten intimate muscles
  • Enhance sensitivity and orgasm
  • Resolve all hormonal imbalance issues
  • Achieve moisturized, healthier and supple skin
Overall Wellness in 3 Months
  • Reduce pelvic muscle pain 
  • Resolve urinary incontinence
  • Achieve overall wellness
  • Enjoy better quality of life
  • Experience tighten intimate muscle and skin
Full Effects in 6 Months
  • Rejuvenate and repair damaged cells
  • Experience natural anti-ageing effects
  • Gain improved immunity in overall vaginal health
  • Relive youthfulness

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To deliver immunity, quality youthful life and ultimate well-being for everyone through nature and science.


  • How to use?

    Before using this product, please read the instructions and precautions. Wash and clean your hands and target area hygienic before use.

    Recommended to lie down when using at the intimate area.

      1. Wash and keep clean before use. Apply 1ml to the target area once or twice a day.
      2. Remove the stopper from the device, slide the beak into the vagina
      3. Gently push to inject essence deep into the vagina
      4. It is recommended to use before bedtime and keep in a lying-down position so that essence does not flow outwards and is sufficiently absorbed.
      5. No need to wash off after application.


    1. Consult with a specialist if you have abnormal symptoms such as red spots, swelling or itching on the use area.
    2. This product is specifically designed for women to heal their intimate health, suited for those aged 18 years or older.
    3. It is gentle enough to be used as atopic skin applications for skin healing such as sunburn, rashes, or itch for 3 years old and above.
    4. Used as prescribed dosage.
    5. Each dose is meant for one-time usage, do not keep leftover after application due to hygiene purposes.

    Precaution for storage:

    1. Store in cool and dry places, avoid exposure to sunlight or heat.
    2. Use as soon as the security cap is removed from the device.

    Good to know:

    A natural cell-to-cell immunity modulator. Prolonged use will result in a substantial and continuous improvement in your well-being and improved feminine immunity.

    Treatment phase:

    For the first and second boxes, use once each night on non-menstruation days to experience a significant improvement.

    Maintenance phase:

    We recommend 2 times (on different days) of 1ml dose per week.

  • How soon can I see results?

    Results vary from one individual to another. However, we pride ourselves on resolving common vaginitis
    within the first 6 - 12 hours. Our users normally claim to experience significant changes in their energy
    levels, skin conditions, uterus and vaginal health and intimate satisfaction after using 1 to 3 boxes of Secret99.

  • Are there any side effects?

    There are no side effects at all. Our proprietary blend of bioactive peptides and ingredients in Secret99 is safe-to-use. In the rare event that you develop redness or rashes, kindly cease usage and consult your
    doctor immediately.

  • Can I use to boost my uterine health and fertility?

    Yes. We highly recommend using it to improve the immune system and your uterine health. Our product also helps resolve female infertility caused by hormonal issues such as PCOS, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), unhealthy level of mucus, changes in acidity level in the vagina or weakened immune systems of the vagina.

  • Is it safe for use during pregnancy or postpartum (breastfeeding period)?
    We do not recommend usage during pregnancy as your uterine is constantly delivering its nutrients to the
    baby during pregnancy. No additional nutrients or supplements are needed during this period.
    However, we highly recommend the usage of Secret99 during your post-pregnancy. The idea
    is to strengthen and restore pelvic muscles, loosened vaginal muscles and uterine incontinence due to
    childbirth. CTX peptides are safe for human consumption and are a common supplement prescribed at
    TCM clinics in Korea. Please consult your doctor for further details.
  • Why does it work better than supplements?

    The keyword is 'mucosal absorption'. Our patented peptides are inserted into vagina for mucosal absorptions. It is proven more effective and efficient to resolve multiple vaginal and uterus area issues, compared to oral supplement.

    Vaginal mucosal absorptions are clinically proven to be an effective and efficient pathway of delivery. The rectal and vaginal routes belong to the transmucosal routes of drug delivery and thus offer the advantage of bypassing the first-pass metabolism (oral consumptions through the digestive system) for efficient absorption into blood-stream and offers the advantages of the direct targeted solution, (in our case, atopic application into Y-zone area for uterus and vagina) in several studies into the treatment of vaginal infections and local treatment of menopausal symptoms.

    In a clinical trial, female volunteers demonstrated a greater immune response from a vaginal gel containing cholera vaccine than an orally administered cholera vaccine. It was concluded that immunity can be achieved via intravaginal vaccination. Another study for vaginal mucosa delivery treatment showed a reduction in the recurrence of Escherichia coli urinary tract infections in women.

  • Is It Safe For Use During Postpartum (Breastfeeding Period)?

    Secret 99 is safe to use for breastfeeding moms. It is great to use Secret 99 for your post-partum restoration and strengthening of your pelvic muscle, Y-zone and to strengthen and repair your vaginal muscle. Secret 99 will help prevent urinary incontinence due to childbirth. You may consult your doctor for further explanation.

  • Is It Safe For Use During Pregnancy?

    Secret 99 is safe to use for all. However, you do not need Secret 99 during pregnancy.